Loriann Zuzak Executive Coach ULT Assessments

Premium Life Coach

I help seekers, go-getters & all

around committed people

step gracefully down off the hamster wheel of endless self improvement for good.

If you’re the kind of problem solver who thinks, “If I just knew better, if I could just see this thing I’m struggling with clearly, I’d do better,” you’re my kinda human being. Let’s get you sorted out.

We start with an assessment, then blow your mind and watch a lifetime of confusion crumble. You will see your life make sense in ways you’ve never appreciated before. And that’s just two hours in. Then, we create strategies that are designed only for you – not what worked for the last guy (that was so 2022).

This is the end of self-help and the beginning of human optimization.

I am an online, executive life coach working in the field of human optimization. I am trained and licensed to use and interpret a ground-breaking human assessment tool. I am the first coach in Canada fully licensed in this new methodology.

You could be writing the assessment within hours and we could be setting down to work by next week. An email is your next step to get access to your introductory call, assessment codes and rates.

Loriann Zuzak, Executive Coach


Inside The Medical Collective 1015 8th Street East, Saskatoon, SK S7H 0S2